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Adip Sajjan Raj


Adip Sajjan Raj, a Bio-Medical Engineer from Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore possessed a passion for aquatic life and ecosystems since his childhood. With close to two decades of personal and professional experience to his credit, he has gained huge amount of knowledge in aquarium design, setup, filtration, life support system, aquascaping, disease management and much more.

He has been trained & molded by the legendary Late Mr.Takashi Amano, Founder, ADA, Japan in conceptualizing and commissioning of Nature Aquariums and has been recognized as a master trainer in the aquarium industry certified by Aqua Design Amano (ADA), Japan.

Along with 100’s of Nature Aquarium and Pond installations in various parts of India, he successfully established the state of the art Public Aquarium project in Odisha State Maritime Museum, Cuttack, Odisha.

While he drives SWA from the front, co-founded India’s only aquatic plant Tissue Culture Lab along with a vast Green House for aquatic plants with over 300 species. To encourage the hobbyists and to further a path to the aspiring aquatic eco system enthusiasts, he founded The Great Indian Aquascaping Awards (TGIAA) which is held annually.


Vinayak Sanjay Urs


Vinayak Sanjay Urs, Sericulture graduate with Honors in Sales & Marketing from National Institute of Sales. Entrepreneurial spirit was instilled long back and has successfully built startups. A passionate person with 2 decades of cross domain experience to his credit panning across Packaging, HR Consulting, Web & Multimedia, Nature Aquariums, Solar – LED Lighting, Cricket, E-Waste. He comes with rich exposure in operations, sourcing of products, sourcing and execution of projects. With an attitude of not caring about who gets the credit, a true lover of challenges through innovation and improvisation.


Girisha Sridhara

VP – Design

Girisha Sridhara, an Industrial automation engineer, heads the design team of our projects’ division. Having worked in the offshore petroleum engineering & animation industry, he brings in the process-oriented approach to aquarium design, providing creative solutions to technical challenges. Spearheaded the design of our first public aquarium in the state of Odisha, being a passionate fish keeper himself, he is involved in every aspect of the design and is a specialist in the design of aquatic life support systems (ALSS). Many such systems installed across India are keeping both the owners and the fishes happy.


Ravi Kumar M

Manager – Maintenance
A hands on person who maintains all aquarium installations caring for the creatures and plants and also ensuring the tanks are clean and any mechanical or biological systems are functioning properly. Being an integral part, Ravi and his dedicated team perform maintenance on regular basis. He oversees the entire maintenance  and is the point of contact for all up up-keeping related work to the aquariums.

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