Speciality Projects

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With experience and expertise in creating public aquariums and customised aquariums of various dimensions, SWA is fully equipped to act as a consultant and bring its knowledge, know-how to the architects and engineers wishing to integrate an aquarium project.

Formulating the ideas and translating them in to a fully workable project assumes the strongest involvement. With an unique approach like “drawing board to chequered flag”, we handhold through out the project.

Be it from visiting the project site, studying the requirements, examining the issues and constraints, studying the techno-economic feasibility, generating comprehensive technical requirements, everything is implemented with custom-made guidance.

An aquarium business is as equivalent to running a hospital! The live stocks are as important as our lives! Their healthy life determines the success of the project! The complex problems that arise can be foreseen well in advance and we offer solutions and give guidance to help the situation go as smooth as possible.