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Everything in life starts with an idea, so does constructing an aquarium! Be it an outstanding feature for a shopping mall, an iconic exhibit for a hotel, a signature display for a corporate, a prestigious feature for a hospital or an attractive public aquarium… we at SWA build innovative concepts with themes that can mesmerise the visitors.

Our core concept evolves around various factors like space, viability, staff, technology, management, process and may more that arise at the early stages of building an aquarium project.

At SWA, we work closely with Architects, Builders, Interior Designers to devise solutions based on existing site plans.

We assist investors to think ahead and invest in new generation mass driven concepts with very attractive ROI’s, handhold concept dreaming architects, support policy making for governments with a realistic vision.

We share our expertise to create both Glass and Acrylic Aquariums which fit one’s particular elegance and style. We are fully experienced and equipped with the technology, process, logistics, manpower to install larger sized aquariums.

During the phase of Consultation service, we provide 3D Engineering CAD Drawings of our custom design and Technical Specifications which takes into account all aspects of the proposed aquarium installation.