Who are we?

Still Water Aquatics (SWA), founded in 2004, is a leading Aquatic Eco-System (Aquarium and Pond) design, consulting and commissioning company based out of Bangalore, India.

SWA are leading experts in Nature Aquariums, Customised Fish Tanks, Luxury Aquarium Designs, Koi and Lily Ponds, Installation and Maintenance.

At SWA, one can find abundance of knowledge, expertise, network and quality oriented delivery commitments. SWA has created and set very high standards in India’s Aquarium industry with their highly successful product and service offerings in association with Aqua Design Amano co. ltd (ADA), Japan. SWA is the sole distributor for marketing and sales of NA goods in India, Bangladesh and Srilanka.

SWA’s understanding of design and aesthetics enable them to translate a client’s dream into an exotic living and ever-changing artwork. Tested, trained and certified professionals have design and structural Engineering expertise which enables us to provide you with an ideal solution with ease of Maintenance.

Happy Clients